in this picture there’re Demi Lovato, Niall Horan, Zoe Whelan (who is rumored as a lover Niall) and Liam Payne (baby Liam). In this picture I talked about Demi Lovato as a single parent struggling to care for her child (baby Liam). When he felt very inconvenience to take care of her son suddenly she remembered that her ex-husband Niall. Demi Lovato can not act anything after knowing that Niall had to find a replacement that is Zoe.

Okay, now I’m emphasizing this is just my imagination. I don’t wanna make a fuss just because of this picture. This purely an imagination. I’ve a lot of imagination, but I had trouble putting it into words, so I made it the picture. I didn’t forget to say thank you to my friend who was willing to teach me using photoshop. Initially I did not know at all, about this week is one I learned photoshop. 🙂

although this picture looks ugly but do not copy or plagiarized. Respect people’s work.

our past


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