Hi! this is where I put mine edits. I edited it with Photoshop and some Photoscape. Initially I did not understand how to use Photoshop, so thanks to my friend I know. yeah, I know mine is not as beautiful as hers edits. so, thanks to Bea who is willing to teach me. I use Photoshop CS5.

I’m so sorry that always put my pictures of some women/girl who didn’t know her identity. Because I was confused about who should I put in the characters. If you want you can upload your picture to me for my twitter I edit with your favorite artists.


Twitter : @Real_ilma_Payne
Facebook : ILma Ilma Ilma

Email : ilmaka1103@gmail.com


this is the results 🙂 CLICK :

Louis Tomlinson Quote

Zayn Malik Quote

Liam Payne Quote

Niall Horan Quote

Harry Styles Quote

Can’t Be No superman

Caspar Lee

Dunia Toilet

Give Me Love


Our Past

The Power Of Zerrie

Turn My Heart

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

We’re Strong

When Body and Soul Apart

Please do not plagiarize, you can create your own. if you need help you can ask me. 🙂


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