Hi! Termite queens back to see you all 🙂 * big smile to welcome someone who is reading this * This time I’ll be presenting something with English, Yeah! Usually I write in Indonesian. So it’s known if there’s any form of sentence. You need to know, I’m not going to write that fetched since I was a girl that is. *Muehehehehe*

Taaaaaaaaaaa, my friends know that I’m a DIRECTIONER, taaaaaaaaaa I’m very proud, and be proud that I managed to anesthetize my friend with virus DIRECTIONER in class and my sisters 😀 hahahahaha LOL, yeah so proud to be a DIRECTIONER INDONESIA. I became a DIRECTIONER a half years, yeah I’m late in recognizing The Boys * sob *. First I know 1D have told my friend, unfortunately she wasn’t Directioner-_-. POOR.


Love music?

Yeah of course! Precisely I prefer western music, because what? Because of the songs that I can listen to help me in learning English or American.

Love writing?

Emm, love! Although my writing rarely read the * very sad *.

What’s YOUR best song ever?

One Direction song that I love is ‘all of’. But I think this time I had to pick one.

My best song ever  is Live While We’re Young


Shaaaaaa, I love the song Live While We’re Young, very very very very love.

And why?

Actually no need to asked WHY? But since asked why, then I’ll answer it. Live While We’re Young song has its own energy. Yeah, what I mean energy? What song LWWY can add carbohydrate content in my food? I don’t know, when I heard the song it feels like dancing and my mouth immediately began to follow the lyrics * but I’m not very good at dancing, dangdut style of Indonesian Joged saaaaa I can *. When watching video LWWY I think I also wanna get involved in the video. Especially when The Boys playing with water. Very jealous of that was there.

Where were you when you first heard it?

I heard the exact beginning LWWY on the internet, know right? The song was quickly circulated on the internat. Well, look at video clips LWWY, I first look at YouTube  I think YouTube is the only means to be able to see them. * Watching at it, I suppose that can be met *

Who were you with?

It’s an interesting question, I heard this song the first time with my sista at home. Watch the video at school. Supposed to be in the house can, but at that time my laptop will not display YouTube. Actually when I feel threatened, hahaha. If you know, then I and my friends are very happy to watch the video of the song, yeah happy like flying and fell right in front of The Boys are shooting VC of LWWY. * I look so exaggerated, but that’s what I feel *

What does it remind you of?

The first of course is the lyrics of the song, since the beginning of this song I heard directly browsing the lyric, then I downloaded the song. The second is its Video Clip. Ahhhh! You can see for yourself how natural they were in the video. What you haven’t seen the video? I’m sure any of you who haven’t seen it, maybe some of you guys there who just heard his song on the radio, a friend who was singing or even of ad * In Indonesia there are ads with backsound LWWY isotonic drinks, and it makes me happy * If you wanna watch the video, soooooo click THIS.

One thing that makes me weird is when I hear a song or see VC of The Boys on television would make me happy than I hear or see the results of my own  Downloads. I don’t know why it happened. Saw an ad with backsound 1D song will make me abandon my activities for a while to see it * even though I knew it was just the song not the boys *. In Indonesia has two ads using the song belongs backsound 1D.

There’re many words that I can write here about LWWY, I’m afraid I’m just going to result in excessive writing, so will I ended this, but take it easy, other times I’m going to continue it again. That’s my brief story about ‘My BEST SONG EVER’.

Oh yeah, I often make edits The Boys with british or american woman. nothing, just as the cover of fanfiction not to some reason. Lol, follow THIS to view them.


end of the word, thank you all 🙂 see ya all!

                                                                                 The writter :

ilmaka gif


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