I’m back, not that I wanna say here, but it looks like I’m going to pour out what I feel. I am no friend to pour, let me litter here that many people know. Do you ever feel ignored? Yeah, I frequent. Whether it’s my imagination or does happen.



Do you know how it feels to ignored? Of course you don’t know if you are a person who always ignore. SICK , yeah so sick. Often people who often ignore the pain no matter how ignored, but when they ignored they will be so very angry (they will know how it feels ignored).
Regardless of the ‘ignored’, now I wanna say something about ‘jealous’. Envy often occurs because we often do not feel satisfied with what we got. Affection may, or property, may not be? Honestly, I often envied my friends who had a close friend (boy/girlfriend) . But for what I feel jealous? I actually wouldn’t want boyfriend. Sometimes I think that my friends away from me, they start looking the same boat with their friends (who also have a close friend).

What I should ‘ve a boyfriend first so that they could stay with me? Yeah, it’s sometimes hard to connect if I want to talk about relationships. In fact, sometimes I don’t wanna pry about it, but it’s not without reason. Sometimes I admit if I love someone, but it was just a hoax. I can’t love some boys who around me, because they’re can’t love me too. I often think that it’s good if I’m imagining it, I’m afraid to face reality. From that I conclude that ‘imagination is a part of my life’. Thing I can conclude that ‘as I imagine I will not feel pain’.

But one day I realized, ‘I’m going to be happy through imagination that I created, but actually I was hurt by my own imagination’. So what should I do?
continue my imagination?
stop my imagination?
angry at myself for dreaming?
angry at my friends because they don’t wanna understand?

I wanna be angry, angry for what? I don’t know.


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