1D Quote


1D Quote

1. “we’re not perfect, we’re not clean cut, we’re just trying to be ourselves” –Louis
2. “I smile and think this is my job, this is what I do for a living, and it’s always what I’ve wanted” –Liam
3. “funny tweets are the best!” –Louis
4. “screaming fans are making me go deaf” –Louis
5. “if a guy is taking a girl for granted, he really deserves a slap with a baseball bat” –Louis
6. “I want a girlfriend who can eat like me” –Niall
7. “I like my girlfriends to wear black lingerie… definitely.” – Harry
8. “I think it’s weird that some guys split bills with the girl on a date. I think the boy should pay for the girl” –Zayn
9. “Niall is always hungry because he has angle eating inside him. That’s why he sings like one..” –Liam
10. “when I did the dance video, I recieved quite a lot perverted tweets and it scared me” – Zayn
11. Liam: “Seeing Niall crying is heartbreaking.” | Harry: “There should be a law like ‘Nobody can make Niall cry’
12. Interviewer: Who’s the laziest? Niall: Zayn sleeps a lot. Zayn: He eats a lot. Louis: you didn’t answer the question.
13. “But I say my Princess is on her way, I have to wait.”- Niall Horan
14. Liam: “I’m friend with all my fans” YEAH , you heard me, I’m buddy with Liam Payne, u jelly bro? ☺
15. “I can’t help but try and find my future wife in the crowd” -Niall Horan
16. “I spend so much time with Niall. Sometimes I do an Irish accent without noticing.” – Liam Payne
17. Harry: I’ll date Liam. Niall: Louis. Louis: Niall. Liam: Louis. Zayn: I wouldn’t date any of you, cause none of you picked me
18. Liam: I still believe in Santa Claus. Zayn: He exists. Niall: OMG. Zayn: Doesn’t he exist? Niall: No. Zayn: Shut up evil leprechaun
19. “The girls who don’t love Niall are the ones who don’t know how to choose a boy.” – Harry
20. Niall: “Harry is the youngest, but everyone always thinks its me.” Louis: “That’s because you’re cute, and Harry is a pervert.”
21. “What would be your strategy to survive The Hunger Games?” Niall: I’d give up. I get hungry early, so I’ll die straight away
22. “I can make your girlfriend scream louder then you ever could by pressing her follow button.” – Harry Styles.
23. “You don’t have to protect me against ours fans, they won’t hurt me” – Niall Horan
24. “I’m the type of guy who could fall in love with any girl, because I love with my heart and not my eyes” -Niall Horan
25. “Niall blushes the most around our fans, anything they say to him he goes red as a tomato” – Harry
26. Interviewer:”So, who’s the best kisser?” Louis:”But how are WE supposed to know who the best kisser is?” Harry: “It’s Niall…”



source : twitter >> @1D_In_donesia @ilma_imaimo




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